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Children develop at a dizzying rate from the moment they’re born on through to adulthood. During this time, it’s especially important to make sure their bodies are functioning optimally as they learn to make their way in the world, which is where good chiropractic comes in. At The Balancing Center in the Gold Coast area of Chicago, Daniel Fedeli, DC, PC, and Kenneth Bennett, DC have extensive experience with noninvasive techniques that promote healthy development. If you live in the Chicago area or plan to be in the Gold Coast neighborhood, call the center or book an appointment online.

Pediatrics Q & A

How does chiropractic care benefit my child?

The primary reason that chiropractic care is beneficial to your child is that it’s a noninvasive treatment method that works with your child’s body, rather than against it. In an effort to quickly relieve symptoms and provide a “cure,” modern medicine often resorts to invasive techniques that attempt to override the body’s natural resources. While this may provide short-term relief for a problem, it does little to provide long-term solutions.

At The Balancing Center, the doctors step back and take a long view of your child’s health and how to best facilitate their development. By ensuring that your child’s alignment is correct, the doctors encourage healthy neural, musculoskeletal, and biochemical systems that work together to protect your child against whatever the world can throw at them.

What problems do children face during development?

From the moment your child enters the world, they are on a fast track to adulthood. During this time, their musculoskeletal structures grow quickly and their various systems come online, including their:

  • Central nervous system
  • Immune system
  • Digestive system
  • Metabolic system

The amazing part in this development is that all this needs to happen in lockstep. A glitch in one system can have a widespread effect on your child’s development. These “glitches” include:

  • Diabetes
  • Allergies/asthma
  • Kidney problems
  • Digestive issues
  • Sleep disorders

To be sure, this list represents only a few of the most common pediatric problems.

What treatments do you use?

Chiropractic care can begin very early on in your child’s development, even helping newborns with gastric or sleep problems. The doctors at The Balancing Center have extensive experience helping children negotiate every developmental stage, ensuring that their underlying structures allow healthy flow to every part of your child’s body.

To do this, the doctors rely on several innovative techniques that address your child’s entire health and well-being, including:

  • NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) to ensure proper alignment of their top vertebra, called the Atlas, to encourage balance and flow to their spine and regulate their nervous system
  • BEST (bio energetic synchronization technique) to tap the full healing potential in their body
  • NET (neuro emotional technique) to address conditioned stress reactions
  • FMP (foundational movement practices) to work on posture and alignment in their musculoskeletal system, which is enormously helpful in younger patients

By ensuring that your child’s body is functioning the way it was designed to at an early age, you can set them up for a lifetime of good health.

To learn more about pediatric care, call The Balancing Center or book an appointment using the online scheduling tool.