We’ve all been told from someone or another to sit up straight, walk with our shoulders back, stop slouching, and more recently with the rise of smartphones, to keep your head up. And let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of it; heads go down to read, to text, heads go forward to read and type on our laptops or desktops, we carry purses and bookbags, briefcases, children, etc. It is our upper cervical region that is the first to be thrown off, and unfortunately, that is all it takes for postural imbalances to occur. Bad posture will show symptoms in a multitude of ways. It is difficult to completely avoid the culprits of bad posture (although we here at The Balancing Center may have figured that one out as well!) and therefore we must deal with the symptoms that it can produce. Symptoms can vary greatly between individuals but the most common ones are listed below.


Hunched shoulders

Protruding stomach

Hyper-extended knees when standing or walking

Forward head posture


Low Energy

Lower and/or upper back pain

Body aches and pains

Muscle fatigue



Can anything be done to reverse these symptoms? 

Let’s back up and clarify a few things. First, it is critical to understand that chiropractic care directly influences and promotes the relationship between your spine and nervous system. This is achieved by gently restoring normal leveraging function to the spine through the precise correction of joint misalignments. 

The nervous system controls nearly all functions of the body and mind. If you are out of alignment, which can be verified by a qualified upper cervical chiropractor, it is possible and scientifically proven that your body is fully capable of self-healing. All you need to do is equip it with the tools it needs to heal through its own vitalistic power. Getting regular upper cervical adjustments by our highly skilled and highly precise chiropractors is the most important step in this process. Adjustments provide your body with self-healing capabilities by simply removing interference from the nervous system by evaluating and adjusting problem areas of the spine.


Expedite Your Healing

 There is something you can be doing at home that will get you feeling better faster, and holding your adjustments for longer. I am of course referring to the regular use and practice of our specialized Foundational Movement Practices. Foundational Movement Practices (FMP) helps update your nervous system and retrain your muscle memory and posture so you’ll sit, stand and move better. With these practices you will eventually stop recreating many of the problems that have plagued you for weeks, months and years. 

We all know somebody who can benefit from this information. Go ahead and check out our free Foundational Movement Practices videos on youtube that'll get you feeling great in no time. Feel free to share this post with someone who needs it! And contact us if you're ready for your consultation!

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