Dr. Dan Fedeli here and today we’re here to talk about the support component of the care at The Balancing Center. Most of you know that we have balance, support, and integrate. Each time you change one of those parts of the triangle, you change the whole dynamics, which causes an improvement or an upliftment in the others.


When you first come in we get you into alignment so that the body has the capacity to connect to the ground and start to heal from the inside out. If someone comes in and they’re still having or experiencing problems, we go upstream from the atlas with the upper cervical work and see if there’s anything in the mind, body, or the neuro-emotional connections (trauma, history, mystery, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Traumatic injuries from the past get locked into the body with an emotional component.

By having a person touch their head or different points around their body we’re capable of finding out if there’s an override from an emotion or an experience of trauma that’s still telling the body to keep doing the physiology for that auto motion.

Have you ever seen an angry person walking down the street? Well, they’re running the physiology of anger. Rather than working against that by making adjustments over and over and over again, we look elsewhere. If there’s a mind-body override, there are a couple techniques that I’ve integrated in my 35 years of practice that help take the body from a place of reacting to trauma or an experience and bringing them to the present so that their body can function in an optimal way.

One of those techniques is the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.).  What we do is we find, through muscle testing areas that aren’t communicating, problem areas. We bridge those areas and by having you hold your breath your body has to decide if your next breath is more important that the trauma that’s being held on to from a fall, an injury or relationship, and experience of abuse. It’s very common for not the content but the context of something coming up for people to understand what it is they’re working on.


Today, somebody came in whose father had passed and it was very traumatic for her. As I was working on her, we found she had a neuro-emotional override. She said, “Oh my father just died.” I had her think about that and it made her arm go weak and a leg tighten up. Those are indicators that the body is in reaction. When the body’s in reaction, it’s responding to something from the past, which keeps it from being able to respond to the present. We know that health and life is really about responding in the present from a present time consciousness.

Through a series of connections with a Neuro-Emotional Technique, which is N.E.T., and the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, and other techniques of my own research and experience with how the body functions from a mental, an emotional, an imagination, and unconsciousness, subconscious way, I was able to have her think about her father’s passing, which is still something that needs to be processed. Each time her arm went weak or her leg tightened up, we were able to bridge those imbalances and help her body come present. By the end, she was able to be present with the experience that she was experiencing, which gives her a more of an opportunity to handle that from a place of present time open heart connection.

For other people, we get them balanced and instead of their pain going away, they keep either losing their correction or not moving through a certain place. What we do is we apply a couple different test points to see if there is an energetic override. We balance out either through the meridian system of the body, which is sort of like the circuit breakers of your house. Each circuit runs different organs. Each circuit runs different emotions. Or, we do things around where that connection is stored in the brain, always using breath as the leverage point. You’ll notice from my videos I’m always talking about leverage. Something has to make the present more important than that experience in the past.

In closing, the reason we include the support aspects of the neuro-emotional and the mind-body connection is that it helps people get better faster because as they heal, if they’re locked into a trauma from the past that keeps them from being able to move forward, we know that the correction we’re doing with the upper cervical work makes the body self-correcting. We know that the body has the capacity to heal.

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