We Are in This Together

Dear Beloved Patients,

We are sending our love and a friendly reminder that we are here, and we will continue to be here to support you as we all weather the threat of this virus on our immune systems. 

I remain available and look forward to the opportunity to support your wellness via virtual telehealth appointments. Please click here to learn more and schedule your virtual appointment.

It is especially important now, more than ever, to strengthen our immunity.  This is done with great efficacy when combining movements that physically reset your nervous system and prudently supplementing with pro and prebiotics, antioxidants, immunomodulators, vitamin D3, and vitamin C.

I have partnered with my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Vesna Skul, voted Chicago's Top Doctor, and co-founder of the Comprehensive Center for Women's Medicine, to deliver our most thoughtful and curated list of recommendations to build strength and immunity during this time.

Chiropractic Care You Should Do on Your Own at Home

Our carefully crafted movement practices will help relieve chronic mental and emotional stressors by providing you with the leverage, connection and resources needed to adapt and respond to stress.

You can stop living in reactivity to the world by simply connecting to the ground. This exercise is a great way to reset your nervous system at any point in the day when you start to feel sluggish or overwhelmed.

Increase your effectiveness by doing this unique, useful, and share-worthy exercise at least twice a day!
There are many factors in modern day life that can harm immunity and make people more prone to getting sick, such as:
  • Improper hygiene (like, not washing hands enough)
  • Unhealthy diet (such as excess sugar and processed GMO foods)
  • Excess alcohol
  • Excess stress
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Environmental toxins (in the air, water, on food, etc.)
  • Poor gut health
  • Sitting too much and/or not exercising enough
  • Not prudently supplementing with pro and prebiotics, antioxidants, immunomodulators, vitamin D3, and vitamin C 
That, of course, begs the question…
What exactly is that best immune-supporting “ammunition” -- the nutrients you’ll most want to supplement with to best protect you?
The answer… 


You see, over 70% of your immune system resides in your gut. And one of the most effective ways to rapidly support a healthy gut is by supplementing with a high-quality probiotic.
Not only do these “GOOD GUYS” help get your gut microbiome balanced, they also support a powerful immune system by helping reinforce gut barrier function... supporting a healthy inflammatory response… promoting immunomodulatory activity... and enhancing antimicrobial activity - which is a fancy scientific way of saying they fend off “BAD GUYS.”
Not surprisingly, multiple studies have shown that probiotics help prevent episodes of upper-respiratory tract infections. 

See here for more information on Eaze®
Our Immune system has two arms - one that helps produce antibodies and fight off offending agents and the other that helps modulate body’s over exuberant production of antibodies against self, such as in autoimmune diseases.  The two need to be in perfect balance to allow us to function most optimally. Ingestion of foods that are rich in natural detoxifiers like calcium-D-glucarate and 1,3 beta-glucans or daily use of supplements that provide those is key.
Compounds like beta-glucans and muramyl peptides largely enhance the immune system's ability to survey for and destroy the foreign invaders like viruses or bacteria.

See here for more information on Immune®
Found in fruits and vegetables in rainbow of colors, particularly the dark skinned variety (berries, beets, purple carrots, grapes, dark green leafy veggies) provide body with oligomeric proanthocyanidins, compounds that neutralize free radicals and support our bodies’ metabolic functions ranging from blood sugar control to supporting healthy cholesterol and increasing nitric oxide levels, thus helping with circulation.
While the best way to get those benefits is through a healthy diet, it is sometimes quite difficult to get all of those fruits and veggies in and we recommend prudent, science based nutritional supplementation.

See here for more information on OPC®
Really not a vitamin but more of a hormone, vitamin D plays crucial role in our response to inflammation and should be supplemented especially in our part of the country on a regular basis and in high doses in the winter months but in face of an acute infection short term use of mega doses is appropriate. There are many well designed studies that show its beneficial effects on prevention and amelioration of viral illnesses such as colds, influenza and some others where the vitamin altered the course of the illness by down-regulating the genetic expression of the virus.
Large doses of vitamin D3 combined with vitamin K2 (such as 5000 - 10000 IU daily) should be used for prevention and to ameliorate severity of an existing viral infection on a short term basis. 

See here for more information on Metagenics® D3 5000 + K
A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps prevent and fight viral infections and should be a part of our toolbox.  The right kind (esterified form or liposomal form or oral preparation which is bound to bioflavonoids for best absorption and bioavailability) is important.
You should decide what your maximum dose is by taking it in 1000 mg increments until GI distress (loose stools) occur and then decrease daily intake by 1000 mg for ongoing daily use. 

See here for more information on Metagenics® Ultra Potent-C 1000

As always, we are here for you. You are in our prayers. And we are happy to support you with our chiropractic treatments and any questions you may have regarding nutritional supplementation as well. Please reach out to us anytime at info@thebalancingcenter.com.


With much love and light,

Dr. Dan Fedeli

Dr. Daniel Fedeli Daniel J. Fedeli, DC, PC, established The Balancing Center in 1987 to meet the increasing demand for alternative healthcare in Chicago and offer access to a different perspective on health and wellness. He believes in techniques that re-establish balance in order to promote the incredibly powerful resources that lie within the human body. His noninvasive techniques work with the body, optimizing performance and function, in order to alleviate pain and stress. Dr. Fedeli combines the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) method with a wide array of forward-thinking techniques designed to release physical holding patterns, and ease the effect of traumas, memories, and emotions on the body’s critical functions. Carefully selected treatments, such as energy synchronization, neuro-emotional clearing, stabilizing exercise, and movement therapies are used in conjunction with spinal adjustments to remove factors adversely affecting the body’s ability to restore and maintain long-term stability.

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