Virtual Sessions Available and Updated Hours Amidst COVID-19

virtual appointments with Dr. Dan

The Balancing Center team is sending love, peace, and compassion to you and our entire global community. As healthcare providers, and a center for healing, we will be caring for patients with very limited hours:

Tuesday - Thursdays, from 9am to 3pm
Fridays, Virtual Appts Only
Saturdays from 9am to 1pm

We are continuing to maintain a very safe and highly sanitized office, are screening patients before their visits, and adding time in the schedule to avoid congestion in the reception area. 

We believe the human body is designed for wellness, and it is important to be supported during stressful times. Our care creates leverage, connection, and the resources to respond appropriately to the changing environment. We are grateful to be able to offer and utilize treatments that will ensure physical, mental and emotional perseverance in response to the evolving atmosphere with COVID19.


In addition to the mandate for Health Services to remain available during this time, I will also be offering telehealth virtual sessions. I have been offering these types of treatments since I began practicing in 1985 and would be honored to make these services available to anyone who has experienced amazing healing with minimal input to your body. Please click here to learn more and schedule your virtual appointment. 

The Balancing Center will also be sharing with you uplifting and educational content with newsletters, videos and on our social media pages. Please see the links below and follow for valuable content. Click here to follow us on Facebook & Instagram.

Getting through difficult times reminds us of our collective strength and to be very thankful for what truly matters. We will pray for you and all of our patients, and are grateful for the continued opportunity to serve and support you. 

Love and light,
Dr. Dan Fedeli

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