Have you ever caught a cold because you were experiencing incredible amounts of stress? Have you ever found that your quality of health drops at the worst possible time, when you’re already swamped with work or dealing with relationship or family troubles?

While some might call your situation a coincidence or bad luck, those with an integrative perspective on wellness would see nothing coincidental about it. This is because health issues are rarely just physical issues; they often arise in direct conjunction with or even because of mental and emotional stressors in your life. Even if these problems are just physical, one problem might be related to several others and you might not even know it! Chiropractic care is here to help you.


At The Balancing Center we believe that health problems are multidimensional, involving physical, emotional, and mental states. We offer multidimensional solutions to get you out of pain and into wellness, energy, and vitality. We help you discover and apply the right, integrative combination of doctor care and self-care to maximize your recovery and your overall state of health. 


What might go into your customized care plan? Well, there’s no one answer! Since every person is unique, every care plan is unique. The Balancing Center offers an array of health and wellness services, integrating chiropractic care and bodywork, energy synchronization, supplements, and more.

The Balancing Center features the N.U.C.C.A. technique as its signature chiropractic care. This technique specifically focuses on adjusting the upper cervical vertebrae. Dr. Daniel Fedeli and Dr. Ken Bennett also practice B.E.S.T. and N.E.T., synchronizing your mental, emotional, and physical states and releasing traumatic patterns. The doctors teach you their signature Foundational Movement Practices to retrain you to sit, stand, and move better, allowing you to integrate your adjustment into everyday life.

To hear more about how the upper cervical adjustment corrects the rest of the spine and affects all body systems watch this video:


The Balancing Center’s bodyworker, Patrick Kelly, uses of F.S.T. (Fascial Stretch Therapy), Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Manual Therapy. The combination of these techniques are used to help stretch and unwind the body and address the strains and buildup in the body’s soft tissue.


We are also always excited to offer products and partnerships to assist our patients in reaching the highest quality of life they can. Orenda International, one of our supplement partners offers a variety of supplements that support your body’s natural functions and health systems, including your immune system, your endocrine system, and your pituitary gland. We also sell a variety of supplements from other trusted partners-in-health. You can get your daily dose of Vitamin D, iodine, digestive enzymes, and fish oil at the office.

Besides these specific services and products, we strive to provide general resources for health and wellness, from diet to exercise to healthy thinking. We advocate integrating a dynamic combination of techniques to first get you healthy and then keep you healthy. A variety of tactics creates a strong health strategy that you can use as your master plan for increased and continued wellness, now and far into the future!

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