A Testimony of Fate: Treating Anxiety

"I started seeing Dr. Dan and Dr. Ken over ten years ago because of sinus headaches. One NUCCA adjustment helped tremendously. I now come in for adjustments twice a month to keep the headaches at bay. I’ve also struggled with anxiety and depression over the years. Mental health issues run in my family, and I’m no exception.

My father was bipolar and committed suicide when I was very young. That event sparked the beginning of many years of mental health challenges. I struggled with suicidal thoughts and deep depression for years. During my adult years, I developed crippling anxiety. I even went through a period of time where I couldn’t hold down a job.

I used all different types of therapy for my anxiety and depression. It took me a lot of trial and error, but I finally found a decent combination of therapies to get me to a place where I could be a working member of society. The combination included medication. I fought against meds for years because I didn’t want to live my life medicated, but I finally caved and started taking a low dosage SSRI.

One day while I was getting adjusted, I mentioned to Dr. Dan that I had been struggling with anxiety. Dr. Dan started explaining to me that anxiety is kind if like having your brain stuck in a loop of nervous thinking. He started showing me how the energy work that he and Dr. Ken do can help stop those anxious thought patterns.

The care at The Balancing Center helps me feel more grounded and stable. My anxiety is usually triggered by a situation that makes me feel like I am incapable of accomplishing what I need to accomplish. I get nervous thinking that something awful will happen because of something I did.

Part of the reason I had such a difficult time working is because I was always terrified that my boss would fire me for something I did. I often had panic attacks at work. My anxiety kept me from being able to do my job well. It was horrible. I had no idea that chiropractic care could help with my anxiety. I thought chiropractic care could only help with physical issues.

After I spoke with Dr. Dan about my anxiety, he started treating me for anxiety every time I went to see him. After a few weeks, I started feeling so much better! My anxiety didn’t disappear completely, but I started to be able to manage it in a new way. Dr. Dan taught me that if I have a true connection to the ground and to my body, the anxiety will lessen. Even through all of the therapy that I had received, I did not realize how much power I have within myself to calm my anxiety. I felt for years that I had to rely on something outside of myself to be able to cope with the world, but the treatment at The Balancing Center showed me that I have the power myself.

Since I started working on my anxiety with Dr. Dan, I have been able to get off the medication, I have been able to hold down a good job for over three years, and I have reduced my therapy to only once a month. I still make sure that I keep up with my self-care practices, of course, but Dr. Dan’s help has gotten me to a place where my whole life isn’t just about dealing with my mental health issues. I feel free. I can’t quite put into words just how incredible Dr. Dan and Dr. Ken’s work it. They are incredible doctors."

Dr. Daniel Fedeli Daniel J. Fedeli, DC, PC, established The Balancing Center in 1987 to meet the increasing demand for alternative healthcare in Chicago and offer access to a different perspective on health and wellness. He believes in techniques that re-establish balance in order to promote the incredibly powerful resources that lie within the human body. His noninvasive techniques work with the body, optimizing performance and function, in order to alleviate pain and stress. Dr. Fedeli combines the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) method with a wide array of forward-thinking techniques designed to release physical holding patterns, and ease the effect of traumas, memories, and emotions on the body’s critical functions. Carefully selected treatments, such as energy synchronization, neuro-emotional clearing, stabilizing exercise, and movement therapies are used in conjunction with spinal adjustments to remove factors adversely affecting the body’s ability to restore and maintain long-term stability.

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