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Foundational Movement Practices

Therapeutic Massage

These movement patterns and sequences encourage your body and nervous system to recalibrate to the proper structural balance achieved through the NUCCA correction. As you learn to navigate and move your body as it is anatomically designed to move, your nervous system starts to create a new muscle memory. You will also gain a new sense of proper posture in everyday activities, such as sitting at your desk, standing in line, picking things up and working out, just to name a few. Your increased awareness will help to relieve tension and strain and reinforce your spinal correction.


Dynamic Tension

Rock and Roll

Seated Procedure

Walking Pose

Forward Fold

Shoulder Spirals

FMP YouTube Playlist

View all of the Foundational Movement Practices sequences on our YouTube playlist.



FMP - Shoulders Down and Back by Dr Daniel J. Fedeli

FMP - Take a Step Back by Dr. Daniel J. Fedeli

FMP - Rock and Roll by Dr. Daniel J. Fedeli


FMP - Sitting Procedure by Dr. Daniel J. Fedeli


FMP - Intensegrity Walking Pose by Dr. Daniel J. Fedeli